DockSider Strap Replacement Kit


These Strap Replacement Kits are intended to provide everything that is required to replace the straps for your DockSider Model.
See the various options listed below.

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The DockSider Strap Replacement Kit contains all Straps, Cam Buckles, and Pop Rivets required for your Model purchased.

Are the Straps on your DockSider  getting worn, affected by UV from the Sun or Salt from the Ocean?

Items and quantities per Kit are shown in the following table.

Dockside Models Stainless Steel Dockside Model Waterside Models
Items Included     /    Kit Part Number: Dockside -SRK 100 Stainless D0ckside – SRK 200 Waterside – SRK 100
Cam Buckles 3 Zinc Plated 3 Stainless Steel 2 Zinc Plated
Cam Buckle Straps 3 3 2
3/16 Pop Rivets 3 Aluminum 3 Stainless Steel 2 Aluminum
3/16 Washer 3 Stainless Steel
Tether Strap Assembly 1 1
Lifting Strap Assembly 2 2 2
Velcro Security Straps 2 2 2



  • Drill out existing pop rivets with 3/16 drill.
  • Assemble Cam Buckles, Tether Straps, and Cam Buckle straps as shown (one location at a time)
  • Insert 3/16 pop rivet and washer through cam straps as shown
  • Secure pop rivet with pop rivet gun (Stainless Steel -pneumatic gun; Aluminum – hand tool).
  • Disassemble existing Lifting Strap (s) using 1/2-inch socket or open-end wrench
  • Reassemble new Lifting Strap in reverse order as disassembled.
  • Remove existing Security Strap by pulling out; Push in push rivet on new strap to secure



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